Anna Maria Di Ciommo's early career in architectural design evolved into designing and creating jewellery (Angels: pendants, rings and bracelets; The Mother Goddess: pendants).

Her work moved into a more intuitive phase and became art. She produced small sculptures that can be worn as pendants and rings. They are all unique pieces requested by clients who recognise in them a part of themselves and wear them with pleasure (unique pieces: Homage to the Essential in Nature).

The process of creation is itself an experience. Anna Maria allows herself to be led by the material, its textures and natural properties, to discover its essential energy. She continually explores new media and materials.

Recently she has switched from small pieces to larger sculptures, from metals (copper, brass, silver and gold) to clay. She sculpts the clay forging a bond with the Earth and its heartbeat: her latest precious artworks: First Food, Girl Embracing the World, and Guardian of the Earth featured in the exhibition "White", promoting Made in Italy, in Brisbane, Australia this year.

Anna Maria recently joined the art initiative Arte da Mangiare, which is working towards Milano Expo 2015.

As an experienced artist she now helps emerging artists gain exposure through curation.


Arte e Design



3 December 2010 - 9 January 2011 Anna Maria is delighted to be participating in the exhibition materiali CREATIVI at the Triennale Bovisa, Milano with one of her innovations based on the 2015 Expo theme "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life".

29 September - 6 October 2010 Derivative Thinking by Christina Lombardi, curated by Anna Maria Di Ciommo. Hi-Cafe, Mondadori Multicenter, via Marghera, Milano.

la Biennale di Venezia 2010 Video of Panificazione artistica during Milano Food Week. Spazio Thetis, Arsenale Novissimo, Venezia.

Milano Food Week 2010 Panificazione artistica: La Madre del Pane - Matrice in collaboration with Progetto Nodo and Arte da Mangiare. Galleria Diciodesign, via Ciovasso, Milano.

26 March 2010 Arare la Vita e Tanadu in collaboration withProgetto Nodo on occasion of Il Raccolto di Arte da Mangiare. Società Umanitaria, via Daverio 7, Milano

20 - 27 February 2010 3 sculptures:First Food, Girl Embracing the World, and Guardian of the Earth in group exhibition White promoting Made in Italy, Brisbane, Australia